Bang is the second in command of the nerdlucks. As a nerdluck he is voiced by June Melby and as a monstar he is voiced by Joey Camen.


Bang is a green nerdluck who wears an orange bowtie, he speaks in a high timid voice. As a monstar he is muscular, has a large chin, small dragon-like ears, spikes on his back and a red orange flat top after he stole the talent from Patrick Ewing, he speaks in a deep growling voice.


As a nerdluck, he is really nervous and concerned. As a monstar, he is tough and aggressive. He has the ability to breathe fire, he enjoyed insulting Michael Jordan and picking on the Looney Tunes. He seemed to dislike his boss Mr. Swackhammer the most as when he and the other Monstars turn against him, he's the only one who maintains an angry and hateful expression while the others expressed sinister, vengeful grins.


Bang is first seen cleaning Swackhammer's sandals with Bupkus. When they land on earth, Bang interrogates Bugs Bunny, however, Bugs tricks them then they prepare to capture Bugs and the rest of the Looney Tunes.

At the stage, when Bugs gave them a book a message that says give them a chance to defend themselves Bang complains about this as the others its the rule book. When the Looney Tunes challenge the Nerdlucks to a basketball game which excites the Nerdlucks but they got confused that they don't know what basketball Bang claims that they didn't have that in school. When the Nerdlucks watch a movie about basketball history that gives them an idea and Bang smirked.

They arrive at the basketball game in New York upon hearing the male fan he thinks someone is killing someone after Pound stole Charles Barkley's talent he smirked evilly upon seeing the talent in the basketball. After the Nerdlucks stole from five NBA stars.

They came back to Looney Tune Land Bang tried doing push-ups for basketball practice the Looney Tunes make fun of them as they left Bang smiled evilly with Pound holding the bag, then they began to transform into the Monstars. He grows tall and grows muscles his spine becomes strong and spikes popped out then he lets out a roar. After their transformation he smiled evilly at the Looney Tunes and Bang chortles with Pound. Then Bang picks up the basketball and mockingly says that its time to play a little basketball then he slams it to the ground which causes an earthquake. Bang pops the basketball then they leave the destroyed court.

Later, the Monstars arrive at the gym, Bang among with Bupkus broke down the doors while coming in. When Michael refused to play basketball Bang taunts Michael by calling him chicken, when Michael was made into a basketball and Bang slam dunked him then he insulted Michael by calling him baldy, Tweety comes to Michael's defense and an annoyed Bang flicked Tweety to the wall. Bang is seen among with Bupkus glaring angrily at Blanko for being friendly to Tweety. Bang glares at Michael while the others grin and chuckle at what decision is going to be.

Before the start of the game, Bang did a chest bump with Bupkus and he snarls at Michael by saying "What are you looking at?" and at the start of the game Bang backhands Bugs. Bang breathes fire on Foghorn Leghorn when he corners him. Bang blocked Lola's way among with Pound they both look at Lola in surprise when she made a score. Bang made a slam dunk after the first half of the game is over, Bang is seen giving Pound a high five.

At the Monstar's locker room, Bang gives Bupkus a high five, then he gives Pound a noogie then he reacted in shock when Swackhammer came in. When Stan is caught snooping Bang refers to Stan the chubby boy he made an aggressive gesture at Stan.

At the second half of the game, Bang growls with Daffy Duck while facing each other. Bang passes the ball to Pound, Bang tried to stop Michael among with Bupkus and Nawt, but failed when Michael slam dunked. Bang looks at Pound shocked when Pound's shorts got pulled off, Bang passes out from Pepe's skunk smell among with Bupkus and Blanko. Bang tripped over his own feet when Michael slam dunked, Bang among with Pound, Blanko and Bupkus surround Tweety Bird until he fights back Bang got punched in the stomach and kicked in the chin. Bang among with Bupkus, Pound and Nawt smiled while Michael makes a deal with Swackhammer. When they're forced to crush the Looney Tunes, Bang and Bupkus did a butt slam on Porky Pig. When Stan Podolak is put in the game Bang pounced and roars on Stan flattening him like a pancake.

At the final second of the game, Bang with Blanko look on as the ball dribbled to Bill Murray, then Bang and Blanko tried to steal the ball from Lola Bunny. Bang and Bupkus attempt to stop Michael Jordan from making a final shot by grabbing him. After they lost and Swackhammer berating them Bang figures out slowly upon realizing that Swackhammer is smaller than them then they turn on him, Bang glares angrily at Swackhammer as he, Bupkus and Nawt grab him. As Swackhammer takes off, Bang among with Nawt plug their ears then Bang and the other Monstars wave goodbye to him.

After getting rid of Swackhammer, Bang blushes and smiled warmly as he pointed his chin when Michael proudly says that they had it in themselves all the time. When they're told to give the NBA players they're talent back, he reacts in shock and sadness as he and the others reluctantly agree to do so. After becoming Nerdlucks again, Bang sadly admits that he felt so insignificant and he told Bugs that they hate Moron Mountain because they didn't want to go back, they all sweetly beg him to stay on earth. Bugs replied "I don't know if you guys are looney enough." Bang reacts in shock and exclaimed "Looney enough?" then he is seen wearing a Yosemite Sam mask while they all tried to prove to be looney, he is shot by Nawt.