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Blanko is the tallest slow-minded of the nerdlucks. As a nerdluck he is voiced by Charity James and as a monstar he is voiced by Steve Kehela.


Blanko is a blue nerdluck who wears a pink bowtie, he speaks in a thick californian accent. As a monstar he has pointy ears, dark blue hair and a buck tooth. He stole the talent from Shawn Bradley, he speaks in a thick californian accent.


Blanko is very laid back and though the others disapprove of it. Unlike his brethren, he is friendly as both a nerdluck and a monstar as he acted friendly towards Michael and felt sorry for Tweety when he was injured.


Blanko is first seen with scissors while being lectured, Blanko is disgusted when Swackhammer drooled on him. Blanko explains to Swackhammer that the Looney Tunes are from earth then asked "What if they can't come?" then Swackhammer grabs Blanko in his hand and Swackhammer said "Make 'em."

While the nerdlucks are on their way to earth in their spaceship, Blanko asked "Are we there yet?" Blanko is seen with his laser gun then he asked Pound where there going which annoys Pound and he hits Blanko which got him dizzy.

Blanko is seen on the stage while Nawt is talking on the microphone Blanko added "No fooling." When the Nerdlucks are challenged to a basketball game, however, Blanko asked what basketball is.

They went to New York to see the basketball game, Blanko sees Charles Barkley that he's good then gets pushed down by Pound. When Pound came back to the coat with Charles Barkley's talent he gleefully announces that he's got the talent and Blanko says "Super."

After stealing the NBA player's talent, they all came back to Looney Tune Land and he among with the others tried working out, but failed. Blanko smiled while touching the glowing basketball and watches Pound as he grows big and strong. Blanko's feet shakes and big sneakers appeared then he grows taller. Blanko scares Porky Pig by saying "Hey, little pig, boo." Then Blanko reacts in shock when Bang slammed the ball to the ground which caused an earthquake.

Later, they arrived at the gym as Blanko comes in he hits his head on the hoop backboard. Blanko smiled dumbly at Michael Jordan as the other Monstars bully him. After Tweety gets hurt by Bang, Blanko asked in concern to Tweety "Yeah, are you okay?" and he is pulled by Bupkus and Bang. Blanko reacts by saying "Whoops." upon seeing Bupkus and Bang angry at him for being friendly.

As the game started, the Monstars all run into the court Blanko among with Nawt bump their chests together. As Blanko gets into his position he chuckled and sees how cool Michael's sneakers are. Blanko among with Michael looks at Marvin the Martian. Blanko and Michael jump up as the game starts. Blanko among with the others charge at Daffy Duck then they dog pile on Granny. Blanko passes the ball to Pound then he among with Bang, Pound, and Bupkus say "Red light." to Michael Jordan while blocking his way. Blanko is seen with Bang watching Pound slam dunk the ball. Blanko holds the ball while he listens to Sniffles the mouse talk to him and before Sniffles could finish, Blanko dropped the ball on him.

After the first half of the game, Blanko high fives with the other Monstars while they're on their way to the locker room. As they enter the locker room Blanko steps on Pound's head and Swackhammer arrived at their locker room and Blanko among with the others wave to him. When Swackhammer is distracted by the smell and said that he smelled something. Blanko sniffs his armpit thinking he's talking about them and he replied that they've been playing really hard, the Monstars agreed with him. But Swackhammer wasn't talking about their odor he's smelling, but from the locker where Stan Podolak is hiding. Blanko sniffs the locker and breaks the locker open Blanko and the other Monstars are glaring at Stan knowing that he's spying on them.

At the second half of the game, Blanko reacts in shock upon seeing Pound that he's butt-naked after his shorts got pulled off by Sylvester. Blanko among with Bang and Bupkus faint from Pepe's skunk smell. Blanko among with Pound, Bang and Bupkus surround Tweety, then Tweety fights back Blanko got his neck twisted.

After Swackhammer calls for a time-out, when he angrily confronts them for not stealing Michael Jordan's talent, Bupkus and Nawt respond that he's a baseball player. Swackhammer dryly remarks that he looks like a basketball player to me and Blanko responds "Yeah, me too." Swackhammer shushed him. Blanko looks on as Michael Jordan makes a deal with Swackhammer.

When Stan is picked into the game, Blanko turns to see Stan that he's open. Blanko dog piled on Stan among with Bang, Bupkus and Pound. As they get off Stan Pound remarks about Stan "Big man pancake!" and Blanko responds "Hey, no fair."

Near the end of the game, Blanko and Bang watch the ball dribble to Bill Murray. Blanko and Bang surround Lola Bunny trying to steal the ball from her. Blanko says to Bill Murray "Bring it on, dude." then he gets tripped. Blanko looks on as Michael Jordan heads for the hoop.

Swackhammer furiously yelled at them for losing Blanko has a bandage around his forehead and felt ashamed among with the other Monstars. Blanko looks at Bang as he slowly figures out how small Swackhammer is. While getting rid of Swackhammer Blanko smiles vengefully at him. As Swackhammer takes off Blanko and the Monstars wave at him. When Michael Jordan proudly says that they had in them all the time Blanko placed his hand on his face while blushing. Blanko reacts in shock and sadness when Michael tells them to give the NBA player's talent back. Blanko placed his hand on Bang and Bupkus's hands as he sadly says "Fair is fair."

After becoming Nerdlucks again, Nawt says "What a trip." and Blanko chuckled "I'm up for another one." Blanko asked Bugs Bunny if they could all stay on earth and they begged him.

To prove if they're looney enough, Blanko wears a Daffy Duck mask while dancing with the other Nerdlucks and they're shot by Nawt.