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Blanko is the tallest, but slow-minded of the Nerdlucks. As a Nerdluck, he is voiced by Charity James, and as a Monstar, he is voiced by Steve Kehela.


As a nerdluck, he is blue, tall, and wears a pink bowtie, he speaks in a thick californian accent. As a monstar, he has pointed ears, dark blue hair and a buck tooth. He stole the talent from Shawn Bradley, he speaks in a thick californian accent.


Blanko is very laid back and though the others disapprove of it. Unlike his brethren, he is friendly as both a Nerdluck and Monstar, as he acted friendly towards Michael and felt sorry for Tweety when he was injured.


Blanko is first seen with scissors while being lectured, Blanko is disgusted when Swackhammer drooled on him. Blanko explains to Swackhammer that the Looney Tunes are from Earth then asked what if they can't come? then Swackhammer grabs Blanko in his hand and Swackhammer said Make them.

While the nerdlucks are on their way to Earth in their spaceship Blanko asked Are we there yet? Blanko is seen with his laser gun then he asked Pound where there going which annoys Pound and he hits Blanko which got him dizzy.

Blanko is seen on the stage while Nawt is talking on the microphone Blanko added No fooling, when the nerdlucks are challenged to a basketball however Blanko asked what basketball is. After stealing Shawn Bradley's talent Blanko is seen smiling touching the glowing basketball and then he grows taller. Blanko is the first scare Porky Pig by saying boo.

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