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Nawt is the shortest of the nerdlucks. As a nerdluck he is voiced by Colleen Wainwright and as a monstar he is voiced by T.K. Carter.


Nawt is a red nerdluck who wears an orange yellow spotted bowtie, he speaks in a high squeaky voice. As a monstar he is still the shortest of the group and is now, like the most of the other monstars, muscular. He stole the talent from Muggsy Bogues, he speaks in a high voice.


As both a nerdluck and a monstar he is hot-blooded, aggressive and the shortest of the group.


Nawt is first seen filing Swackhammer's nails while being lectured and he has to agree with Swackhammer having new attractions for Moron Mountain. Nawt reacts upon seeing Pound getting burned by Swackhammer's lighter.

Nawt among with the others arrive in Looney Tune Land meeting Bugs Bunny who tricks them. Then they use their laser guns and tells him not to move a muscle.

At the tune's meeting after Pound is laughed at Nawt continues the speech announcing that the tunes will be their slaves. Nawt among with the other Nerdlucks read the message and Nawt says that it's in the rule book.

When the Nerdlucks are challenged to a basketball game Nawt jumped and clapped happily then they all don't know what basketball is after watching a movie about basketball history Nawt gets an idea as the other Nerdlucks smiled evilly.

Then they all go to New York and when they see Charles Barkley in the basketball game he and Pound refer to him a killer. After Pound steals Charles Barkley's talent, Nawt grins at Pound.

The Nerdlucks returned to Looney Tune Land Nawt tried jumping jacks for basketball practice. Nawt grinned while touching the ball absorbing the talent into his body. After the transformation Nawt along with the other Monstars smiled evilly down at the tunes. Nawt reacts in shock when Bang slammed the ball to the ground which causes an earthquake.

Later at the gym, Nawt comes in first with a snarl. As they approach Michael Jordan, Nawt is on Blanko's shoulder. Nawt nods his head in agreement when Pound says "You heard of the dream team?" Nawt jumped on Pound's shoulder and said "We're the monstars." and he attempts to spell the word Monstar while Pound is smiling at him. When Bupkus mocked Michael Jordan, Nawt laughs with him and Pound. When Pound scrunched Michael Jordan into a basketball, he tosses him to Nawt, he dribbled him faster doing the footwork, then he tosses him to Bang. Nawt is on Pound's shoulder as he and the other Monstars snicker at Michael Jordan on what decision is going to be.

At the ultimate game, Nawt bumps his chest with Blanko. Nawt among with Bang, Bupkus and Pound look at Michael Jordan. During the game, Nawt and the other Monstars dog piled on Granny. Then Nawt passes the ball to Bupkus. Nawt attempts to block Michael Jordan as he heads for the basket. After the first half of the game, Nawt high fives with Blanko and Bupkus as they all go to their locker room. As they celebrate their first half victory Swackhammer comes in Nawt waves as they all say hello to him. Nawt excitedly explains that they stole the talent from the NBA players and the scent catches Swackhammer's attention so he gets shoved away by an annoyed Swackhammer.

At the second half of the game, Nawt tries to block and steal the ball from Michael Jordan, but failed. During the time-out, Swackhammer was furious at them for not getting Michael Jordan. Nawt agrees with Bupkus that Michael is a baseball player. Nawt smiled gleefully among with Bang, Pound and Bupkus as Swackhammer makes a deal with Michael Jordan.

As the game resumes, Nawt and the other Monstars were forced to crush the Looney Tunes by Swackhammer. Nawt among with Bang and Pound charge at Wile E and then Nawt kicks Taz. After Stan was put in the game by Michael Jordan. Nawt and the other Monstars surround Michael Jordan.

Near the end of the game, Nawt attempts to steal the ball from Michael Jordan.

After they lost the game, Nawt and the other Monstars were yelled at by Swackhammer who is furious with them. Nawt reacts in shock when Swackhammer stomped on Bupkus's foot in anger. Then they all turn on Swackhammer, Nawt grabs Swackhammer among with Bang and Bupkus then Nawt smiled as they stuff Swackhammer in a rocket. Nawt among with Bang plug their ears as Swackhammer takes off then Nawt and the other Monstars wave goodbye to him. Nawt smiled warmly and gives a thumbs up sign when Michael Jordan proudly says that they had in them all the time. Nawt reacts in sadness and shock when they're told to give the NBA player's talent back. Nawt placed his hand on the ball last. After becoming Nerdlucks again Nawt says "What a trip." Nawt told Bugs that their planet stinks, showing a thumbs down sign and they don't want to go back to Moron Mountain. Nawt among with the other Nerdlucks beg sweetly to Bugs.

To prove that they're looney enough, Nawt wears an Elmer Fudd mask, he and the other were shot.