Pepé Le Pew


Spanish willy skunk

First Appearance

Odor-able Kitty
January 6, 1945



Voice Actor

Maurice LaMarche

Pepé Le Pew is a character in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. An anthropomorphic, Spanish willy skunk, Pepe is continuously in search of romance, but his scent, self-delusion, and his overly persistent manner inhibit his efforts. Pepe is stereotypically French in the same way that Speedy Gonzales is stereotypically Mexican.



  • In the film, Pepe's jersey has a red heart instead of a number, however, the jerseys sold as merchandise have the number 69 replacing the heart.
  • Space Jam is the second film/cartoon that Pepe doesn't seem sought on perusing love, as opposed to him searching for love in most of his appearances.


  • [to the Monstars] "Hello, a little surprise for you, my friends, ho-ho!"
  • [kisses the basketball, making it fall into the hoop] "Mwah! Duex points."
  • [referring to the flatulent odor of the rapidly deflating Stan Podolak] "Oh, my..." [plugs nose with a clothespin]