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Pound is the leader of the Nerdlucks voiced by Jocelyn Blue and as a Monstar voiced by Darnell Suttles


As a Nerdluck, Pound is orange and overweight, wears a green bowtie and has green eyes, he speaks in a high raspy voice. As a Monstar Pound wears a basketball uniform and grows in size and strength from the talent he stole from Charles Barkley. He speaks in a very deep voice.


He is bossy, mean spirited, and demanding as a Nerdluck. Wanting nothing more than to capture the Looney Tunes. As a Monstar he takes pleasure in picking on Michael and the Looney Tunes characters. Later after getting rid of Swackhammer, the Tune Squad forgives the Monstars for their actions. When Michael tells them that they have to give the skills back to the NBA players. Pound sadly asked Michael if they have to and Michael tells them it was part of the deal.


Pound is first seen at Moron Mountain while he and his fellow nerdlucks are being lectured by Swackhammer. While being lectured Pound got his rear end burned by Swackhammer's lighter. Pound drives the spaceship when there sent to Earth to capture the Looney Tunes. After Bugs tricks them Pound demands Bugs to gather up all the Looney Tunes because their coming with them, Pound is annoyed with Blanko acting dumb.

At the meeting Pound announces the Looney Tunes are their prisoners then they laugh which embarrasses him. When the Nerdlucks are challenged to a basketball game Pound likes the idea but he and the others don't know what basketball is while watching a movie about basketball history Pound smilied evilly while he and the others have an idea.

Pound is the first to steal Charles Barkley's talent and puts in the basketball. While Pound is transforming he smiled as he holds up his hand growing tall and growing muscles. After the transformation Pound and the others looks down smiling at the Looney Tunes. Pound is the first to bully Michael upon meeting him then he makes him into a basketball. Pound remarks mockingly to the tunes about Michael and he is smiling meanly at Michael.

At the basketball game Pound is the first to slam dunk the ball, Pound and the others started to cheat and play rough to get their hands on the ball so they can win. During the game Pound taunted Lola by calling her doll and then Pound grabs Michael and spins him around then he makes one more shot before the time runs out he and his pals celebrate the first half victory as they went to their locker room Mr. Swackhammer came in for a pep talk and tells them that they got to keep this up Pound gleefully agrees and before he can say anything Nawt interrupts and he gleefully explained that they stole the talent from the NBA. Pound made throat slashing gesture at Stan when he was caught snooping.

At the second half of the game Pound was about to make a dunk then Bugs stole the ball, Sylvester pulled Pound's shorts off with a fishing rod and his bare butt was showing Pound felt embarrassed as he covers his butt with his jersey with Lola shouting out to him "Nice butt!".

Daffy painted Pound's shorts red then a bull charges at Pound which causes him to scream in pain, Pound is seen getting beaten by Tweety and got his ear bitten. During the time out Pound and the others gleefully smiled upon seeing Michael making a deal with Swackhammer. As the game resumes they were forced to crush the Looney Tunes Pound is seen charging at Wylie, stomped his foot on Sylvester, backhanding and elbowing Michael. Then Pound was about to do a belly flop on Lola, Bugs saved pushed Lola to safety then got squashed by Pound instead, Pound gets up and sneered at Lola.

When Stan got put into the game Pound dog piled on Stan with the others, Pound listened to Bill Murray he shook his head in disgust and Pound is making faces at Lola. When Pound catches the ball Daffy charges at Pound's stomach. Pound charges at Michael trying to grab him but got tripped. Pound looks at Michael with shock as he's about to make one final shot.

After Pound and his teammates lost Swackhammer was furious and yells at them Pound felt worried when Swackhammer stomped on Bupkus's foot in anger. Then Pound and his teammates are tired of being mistreated they turn on him and send him flying in a rocket. Pound smiled warmly at Michael and the Looney Tunes then Michael told them to give Michael's NBA friends their talent back which shocks the Monstars and Pound sadly asked if they have to and Michael reminds it was part of the deal they reluctantly agree to do so, they sadly place their hands on the ball which reverts them back to Nerdlucks. Pound felt disappointed and complains that his clothes don't fit then he sweetly asked Bugs for a favor that they could all stay on Earth.

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